Speed Off the Streets

Drive your Car on a Real Race Track

If you ever wanted to drive your car fast then Wakefield Park’s Speed off the Street days are the place to go.

On Speed off the Street Days, road-registered street cars can run on the circuit for a small fee. Drivers can learn how their vehicle can really perform, in order to better understand how to control their vehicle on the road. Bring yourself and your street car and from just $150 per day (week days) you can experience what it’s like to drive around a race track.

Drivers need to wear appropriate attire:

• Approved road use helmet

• Neck-to-wrist-to-ankle clothing protection (could be long sleeve shirt and long pants)

• Closed-in shoes (cover ankle to toe)



o   Drive your own street car $150.00 per weekday and $180.00 per weekend day



Licence Requirements

All Speed off the Streets participants must hold a AASA Club Licence (or approved equivalent) or higher. AASA Club Licences can be purchased via the AASA website.

Any participant who does not hold one of these licences may purchase a AASA Day Licence (valid for one day only) over the counter at Wakefield Park for $25.00.


Driver Instruction

Two people may go out in a vehicle for driver training. Both need to sign on and hold suitable licences. The instructor MUST hold a national competition licence (CAMS or AASA) and appropriate driver training certificate in order to take out a student. The student needs a minimum of a CAMS Level 2 Speed or AASA Club Licence. If in doubt, please contact the Wakefield Park office on (02) 4822 2811.


Changes to Speed off the Streets Days for 2016

The management of Wakefield Park wishes to advise our customers and competitors of some changes to our popular Speed off the Streets days, effective from 1 January, 2016:

Speed off the Streets days will be restricted to road cars only; race cars will no longer be permitted to participate in Speed off the Streets days unless they are fitted with an exhaust system which restricts their noise emissions to a noise level no louder than a road-registered car (specific limits to be confirmed shortly).

However, Wakefield Park is also pleased to announce the introduction of Race Car Test and Tune days. These will be open to all race cars, including tin-tops, open-wheelers, Superkarts, historic cars and others. Race Car Test and Tune days will continue to operate at the existing noise limit of 95dB at 30 metres.

Dates for Speed off the Streets and Test and Tune days will both continue to be published on the Wakefield Park website calendar page.

Sign-on for Speed off the Streets days will continue to be conducted at the administration office, opening at 8:00am with sign-on closing at 11:00am. If you are planning to arrive after 11:00am, please phone the office in advance on (02) 4822 2811 to notify them of your late arrival.

Prices for 2016 Speed off the Streets days and Test and Tune days will be $150.00 for weekdays and $180.00 for weekend days.

For further enquiries, please contact the Wakefield Park office on (02) 4822 2811.




Driver’s Briefing Hand Out: Click Here

Map of the Circuit and Facilities: Click Here



Wakefield Park does not provide timing on Speed off the Streets days. You can get timing by using your smart phone, either Android or iPhone. Visit Harry’s Laptimer for a downloadable app that you run on your phone which will give you timing information and can even give you a video with overlay with your timing to share with your mates.











Prices listed are US$, please see the Apple App Store or Android Play Store for downloads and pricing.

See it in action – Link



Check out  our calendar for the next Speed off the street day.

Everyone has fun on a speed off the street Day no matter what car your driving