Over 200 Historic Cars Converge on Wakefield

September 25th, 2011

Over 200 Cars Historic Cars converged on Wakefield Park for the Annual Historic Wakefield event promoted by the Historic Sports & Racing Car Association (HSRCA).  This year featured the Aussie Specials with a number of Aussie built race cars on display. The weekend started with 28 Cars in the Aussie Specials with cars such as 1959 Faux Pas, a 1960 Dalro Jaguar and many MG’s , Bugatti’s and Ford & Holden specials.

The Aussie Special event was won by Brenda Hunter in her 1958  Lasos Holden with Paul Armstrong in his 1959 Jewitt Holden G second and Shane Bowden in a 1958 Prad 5 third. The oldest car in the Aussie Special field was Terry White’s 1947 MGTC.

The weekend also has an Aussie Special Regualirty and races for Formula Ford and Formula Vee’s, Group M&O sports and Racing featuring Brabhams and Lotus, Group N, Group S, Group P,Q&R Racing and Sports as well a Endurance Regularity event.


Aussie Special Results

1 Brenda Hunter (NSW) Brenda Hunter 1958 Lasos Holden LSD
2 Paul Armstrong (NSW) Paul Armstrong 1959 Jewitt Holden G LSD
3 Shane Bowden (VIC) Shane Bowden 1958 Prad 5 LSD
4 John Gillett (VIC) John Gillett 1949 MG TC Special LRD
5 Dick O’Keefe (VIC) Dick O’Keefe 1959 Photon Special LSA
6 Warwick McBean (NSW) Warwick McBean 1960/61 Lolus MSD
7 Terry White (VIC) Terry White 1947 MGTC LRD
8 Graham Hawker (NSW) Graham Hawker 1959 KAM MG LRF
9 David Gleen (NSW) David Gleen 1952 Anderson Specia LRE
10 Mike Gehde (QLD) Mike Gehde 1959 Buchanan MG TF LSB
11 David Bruces (QLD) David Bruces 1959 WRM LRD
12 John Ashwell (NSW) John Ashwell 1958 Buckle Lightwei LSD
13 Mal Reid (ACT) Mal Reid 1959 Faux Pas LRF
14 James Elphick (NSW) James Elphick 1956 Gazelle Ford 10 LRD
15 Brian Parkinson (NSW) Brian Parkinson 1948/54 MG TC Specia LRD


Full Results


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