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Local Residents

Wakefield Park appreciates the support of local residents, and this page outlines areas of relevance to those who live within the vicinity of the Wakefield Park facility.

Noise Levels for Upcoming Events

The table below lists the noise levels for upcoming events at the venue. Residents are advised to consult this page frequently, to be aware of and prepare for events with high noise levels. Please note that dates and noise levels are subject to change, and this page is updated frequently with the latest information.

DateNoise level
Wednesday, 1 FebruaryHigh
Thursday, 2 FebruaryHigh
Friday, 3 FebruaryHigh
Saturday, 4 FebruaryHigh
Sunday, 5 FebruaryMedium
Monday, 6 FebruaryNone
Tuesday, 7 FebruaryNone
Wednesday, 8 FebruaryHigh
Thursday, 9 FebruaryNone
Friday, 10 FebruaryHigh
Saturday, 11 FebruaryLow
Sunday, 12 FebruaryNone
Monday, 13 FebruaryMedium
Tuesday, 14 FebruaryNone
Wednesday, 15 FebruaryHigh
Thursday, 16 FebruaryHigh
Friday, 17 FebruaryHigh
Saturday, 18 FebruaryHigh
Sunday, 19 FebruaryHigh
Monday, 20 FebruaryHigh
Tuesday, 21 FebruaryNone
Wednesday, 22 FebruaryHigh
Thursday, 23 FebruaryHigh
Friday, 24 FebruaryHigh
Saturday, 25 FebruaryHigh
Sunday, 26 FebruaryHigh
Monday, 27 FebruaryMedium
Tuesday, 28 FebruaryNone

2016 Major Events

Wakefield Park will hold the following major racing events in 2016, which are expected to produce high noise levels.


7-8. AASA NSW State Championships

22. MRA Round 2



11-12. Wakefield Park 6 Hour

26. MRA Round 3 All British



2-3. CAMS NSW State Championships

16-17. AASA NSW State Championships



6-7. St George Motorcycle Club

14. MRA Round 4

20-21. CAMS NSW State Championships

27-28. PCRA



3-4. Motorcycling NSW

17-18. Festival of Sporting Cars

24-25. HSRCA Historics



1-2. Cobra Nationals

29-30. 24 Hours of Lemons



5-6. HQ Holden Nationals

26-27. AASA NSW State Championships