Wakefield Park’s drive experience providers offer opportunities to drive a race-prepared vehicle around the circuit with professional guidance and instruction.

If you are looking for the ultimate race car driving experience, you have come to the right place!

You will be driving a real F1-style Formula Ford race car seated only a couple of inches off the ground and you’ll know it… You can feel the super-responsive car reacting to every tiny adjustment you make as you sweep through corners pulling loads of up to 2Gs.  If you like the sound of this, then a Formula Ford Drive Day experience is the right choice for you or for that special gift.

Whether you are an individual, group or company, Anglo Australian Motor Sport has a full range of Driving Experience Packages to suit any occasion or event.

For information and bookings visit the Anglo Racing Academy website, http://www.driving-experience.com.au/ or phone 1300 121 886.

Noise restrictions apply at Wakefield Park.

No competition vehicles should be started before 8am except to unload and to be taken to scrutineering.

Selected vehicles will undergo a static noise testing procedure before being permitted to enter the circuit.

If, during use of the circuit, a vehicle registers above 95 dB(A) (measured at 30 m) the vehicle will be black flagged and removed.  The vehicle will only be permitted to re-enter the circuit if it passes a compulsory static noise test.  A mechanical rectification must be undertaken before the test is attempted.

If the test is passed but the vehicle exceeds 95 dB(A) at 30 m on a second occasion, it will be excluded from any further participation that day.

The sound measuring equipment at Wakefield Park is considered judge of fact and its readings/results are not open for discussion.