Wakefield Park Motorcycle Ride Days are sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia and give motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to ride at speed in a safe and controlled environment.

IMPORTANT NEWS: From 1st January 2020, prices for ride days will be REDUCED for those who pre-book.

Customers will still have the option of arriving and paying on the day, however the price for non-booking customers will increase.

The new pricing structure is:

Weekday Ride Days, pre-booked: $175.00

Weekday Ride Days, not booked: $220.00

Weekend Ride Days, pre-booked: $210.00

Weekend Ride Days, not booked: $255.00

Ride days will be divided into sessions for dedicated race bikes, as well as fast, medium and inexperienced/newcomer groups.

All participants will be required to have a minimum of a recreational/competition licence issued by MNSW/MA. If participants do not have a licence, day licences will be available for purchase at the circuit on the day.

Noise restrictions apply at Wakefield Park.

No competition vehicles should be started before 8am except to unload and to be taken to scrutineering.

Selected vehicles will undergo a static noise testing procedure before being permitted to enter the circuit.

If, during use of the circuit, a vehicle registers above 95 dB(A) (measured at 30 m) the vehicle will be black flagged and removed.  The vehicle will only be permitted to re-enter the circuit if it passes a compulsory static noise test.  A mechanical rectification must be undertaken before the test is attempted.

If the test is passed but the vehicle exceeds 95 dB(A) at 30 m on a second occasion, it will be excluded from any further participation that day.

The sound measuring equipment at Wakefield Park is considered judge of fact and its readings/results are not open for discussion.

Riders are required to book their place at a ride day in advance via the online booking system HERE.

Please note the online booking system will only take bookings until 4PM the previous day.

Cancellations – Refunds will be provided for people canceling 7 days prior to their selected event. If it is less than 7 days prior to the event, there will be no refund available. All Refunds will incur a booking cancellation fee.

Re booking an event – if you require the need to move your booking, you are required to inform the Wakefield Park office by COB 3 days before the event you are attending. For example, Monday event, requires notification by COB of the prior Thursday. You will be issued with a voucher entitling you to an entry of the same event in the future (must be redeemed within twelve months).

Rain will not effect the running of the day unless Wakefield Park staff have advised otherwise. Wakefield Park will endeavor to proceed with the day but reserve the right to cancel the day at short notice. This will only happen if weather is deemed to be a safety concern.

A detailed overview of WPM Ride Days, including rider requirements, is available here: WPM ride day outline

Dates for WPM Ride Days are available via our calendar.

For more information on WPM Ride Days, please contact the Wakefield Park office on (02) 4822 2811.