Test and Tune days are held for the preparation and setting up of race cars, as well as enabling competitors to gain practice driving on a race circuit. Test and Tune days are private sessions, and racing/competition against other vehicles is NOT permitted.

IMPORTANT NEWS: From 1 August 2016, all customers will have the option of pre-booking Test and Tune days, with a price reduction for those who choose this option.
Customers will still have the option of arriving and paying on the day, however the price for non-booking customers will increase.

The new pricing structure is:
Weekday Test and Tune Days, pre-booked: $150.00
Weekday Test and Tune Days, not booked: $185.00
Weekend Test and Tune Days, pre-booked: $185.00
Weekend Test and Tune Days, not booked: $220.00

Test and Tune days can be booked no later than 3:00pm on the day prior through the online booking system HERE.

Cancellations – if you need to cancel your booking, please notify the Wakefield Park office by 9:00am on the day of the event you are attending. You will be issued with a voucher entitling you to entry at a future event (must be redeemed within six months).

Participants at Test and Tune days are required to have either one of the following licence requirements:

  • AASA Club Racing licence or higher.
  • CAMS L2S licence or higher.

Any participant without one of these licences may purchase a AASA Annual Licence over the counter for $95.00.

All participants in Test and Tune days must wear wrist-to-neck-to-ankle fire resistant clothing and a helmet that meets Australian Standard 1698 or higher.

Track activity commences at 9:00am and finishes at 4:00pm.

Test and Tune days are generally divided into sessions for different types of vehicles, including:

  • Tin-tops faster than 1:06 lap times
  • Tin-tops slower than 1:06 lap times
  • Open-wheelers
  • Radicals/Supersports cars
  • Superkarts
  • Driver training

Please view the Wakefield Park calendar for the latest Test and Tune dates.