Important Announcement

Dear All Competitors, Officials and Spectators

We continue to monitor the advice from the Federal Government, NSW Health and the NSW Office of Sport. We would like to highlight that this is an evolving situation and that this information can be superseded within minutes of reading this statement.

Current advice is all non-essential mass gatherings of over 500 people is to be cancelled or revised to ensure these recommendations are met. Wakefield Park management will ensure that no event over that limit will proceed in the immediate future.

Measures taken to allow the venue to continue to operate will include, running major events without spectators and limiting entrant support staff. Additional press releases will be made per event to ensure the most up to date information is given and event specific changes are advertised.

The purpose of the government’s position on mass gatherings is to reduce the risk of potential transmission of the Covid-19 (coronavirus). The government is not opposed to restricting sporting activity from occurring. Wakefield Park will continue to operate many of its events as they are well below the level of 500 people. All these events are subject to change when further developments occur, or instructions are provided where further restrictions may apply.

While here at Wakefield Park, we ask that all respect each other and the situation at hand. Below are recommendations to reduce the risk.

Recommendations to Reduce Risk

  • No hand shaking or unnecessary contact between parties.
  • No sharing of any equipment (e.g. towels, helmets, drink bottles, gloves, etc)
  • Constant use of hand sanitiser
  • No sharing of food
  • All competitors, officials and support staff with respiratory or flu-like symptoms are not to attend events.
  • All competitors, officials and support staff which are in a 14-day self-isolation period are not to attend events.

Further major event announcements will be published by our website(, email and social media avenues.

Dean Chapman
Operations Manager

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