Public Statement: Drifting at Wakefield Park

Since drifting activities ceased at Wakefield Park in 2015, Wakefield Park management notes there have been many questions and comments through Wakefield Park’s social media channels about drifting at the venue.

Under previous management, drifting at Wakefield Park caused significant noise emanation issues which negatively impacted upon surrounding residents. As a result of discussions with residents and the Goulburn Mulwaree Council, new management made the responsible decision to cancel drifting events, and other extreme events such as burnout competitions.

While we appreciate the impacts of this decision on the drifting community, the reality is that there are some obstacles that would need to be overcome in order for us to have drifting at Wakefield Park in the present political environment.

We will continue to review our position on drifting events based on ongoing communication with residents and the council. Potential Promoters of drifting are welcome to contact Wakefield Park management to discuss the possibility of holding drift-type events – such enquiries will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve our rights to remove any comments from our social media channels which are factually incorrect, or which may bring Wakefield Park into disrepute.


Wakefield Park management

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