Statement – Modern Sports Cars

Wakefield Park management wishes to clarify a statement released by the Modern Sports Cars category last Friday, 1 April.

Wakefield Park had committed two one-hour endurance races to Modern Sports Cars for the AASA State Championship race meeting on 7-8 May. With such a generous amount of track time allocated to the category, we requested a commitment from Modern Sports Cars of a minimum of 15 entries, and notified the Modern Sports Cars organisers that we were prepared to help them secure entries for the event.

Modern Sports Cars subsequently notified us that as a result of this requirement, and also increased entry fees, that they were ceasing to exist as a category and would no longer be present at any Wakefield Park events.

While it is true that we increased entry fees, we did this to bring the fees in line with what other categories would pay for this amount of track time at our other events, as we believe in consistency and fairness across the board.

We are disappointed by the short notice provided by Modern Sports Cars, and also their very public and unfounded criticism of Wakefield Park management despite our very clear offers to support them as a category.

For the AASA State Championship race meeting, we will now be running Combined Tin Tops – this category is open to vehicles from other popular categories including Super TT, Production Cars, Improved Production and also Modern Sports Car competitors who still wish to compete in the event.

We appreciate the support of many other “grass-roots” motorsport categories that compete at Wakefield Park on a regular basis, and we look forward to continuing to support these categories and promoting high quality club-level motor racing events.


Wakefield Park management

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