The Next Generation Learns Lifelong Skills

Wakefield Park is a diverse place with lots to discover and learn. All types of community groups, students, programs, and the racing community attend Wakefield Park for various reasons.

Last week Wakefield Park had the pleasure of having a group of students from the Bathurst NSW region attend track with their teacher Phillip Schmar. We spoke with Phillip and got some fascinating insight into how he plans to use Wakefield Park moving forward.

“We call ourselves Denison College – Kelso High Campus. The course is a Year 9/10 elective subject called Industrial Technology – Automotive. It is known as a shared course because students from both Bathurst High and Kelso High can select the elective. This is the first year we have offered the subject, so I only have Year 9 students this year.” Phillip said.

Phillip also talked about how this course got started and his motorsport passions.

“I was invited to teach the subject because I have a background in heavy diesel, I was a Go-Kart dad for five years, and more recently, I got my Circuit Race Licence and race an Excel in the Series X3 NSW events. I have placed the College and School logos on the car, and I’m using the X3 in my teaching as a motivator for students to develop skills in car maintenance,” explained Phillip.

The fantastic thing is that these students get hands-on experience, the kind of experience you can’t just get anywhere. Phillip went on to explain how the course is operated back home and their plans for the future.

“At school, we have three sedans that we are stripping down and rebuilding. The students also help me with race prep on the X3. My long term goal is to carry this course through to the HSC and have the students build an X3 to run in the support category excel race at the Bathurst 6 Hour.” Phillip said.

It shows that a raceway can be utilised for much more than just motorsport; it can be a vehicle to learn and build on life skills for the younger generation.

If you know of a school or program that you think would benefit from an experience like Phillip’s and his students, give the Wakefield Park team a call on 02 4822 2811 or email us at

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