Top Rider Junior takes next step!

Tristan begun training with Top Rider under coaching from Bernie Hatton at 12 years of age. Whilst Tristan could ride a motorbike, he had never competed before (most kids today start racing at 5 years of age).

Tristan’s dad asked Bernie to prep Tristan for competition which has been a rewarding experience. Tristan won his first state title last year riding his Husqvarna to victory and leading other riders with far more racecraft and experience.

Tristan two wheels skills are incredibly obvious, and he is part of the Top Rider young guns team. There has been significant focus on developing Tristan’s road race skills with Bernie and other riders that have previously been part of the Top Rider program.

Tristan’s results at the 2nd round of ASBK demonstrated promising results and he debut his Yamaha R3 in the Supersport 300 class at Wakefield Park amongst Australia’s best, with some pretty hot competition.

The first practice session saw Tristan finalise free practice in 18th position out of 40 of the best riders in this class in Australia. Qualifying day saw Tristan qualify 15th on the grid. Great result for a 14 year old on his first debut ride.

Tristan presented himself on race day ready for some more improvements, he finished the first race with a solid 10th place, the second race in 9th and the third race in 8th place. Considering Tristan started from 15th place on the grid, this demonstrates the amount of determination and focus he has on succeeding throughout his future career.

Unfortunately, during the next race, Tristan crashed (uninjured) on top of the hill exiting turn 4, the Yamaha R3 did not fare as well.

The R3 received a massive rebuild with assistance from all over the Wakefield paddock, attempting to get Tristan and his R3 back on the track, however the R3 still had issues, resulting in Tristan retiring from the weekend.

Tristan’s final results for 2nd round at ASBK, improved his best times previously set at Wakefield of 69.00 to a 66.001 knocking 3 seconds off his personal best time. At the end of the weekend Tristan was only 7 tenths of the fastest time set.

Tristan is a product of the junior training program that Top Rider will be holding at Wakefield Park in 2019 and 2020. The training program consisted of Top Rider development training, grip training and elite one on one with Bernie Hatton and other Top Rider instructors.

Tristian currently rides a Yamaha R3, number 864 and enjoys support from Top Rider, Furygan, Fusport, Adamson & Frogo and SSS Motorcycles. Tristan’s goals are to win and love life.

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