Key points

  • Conditions imposed on the September 2020 Development Application (DA) at Goulburn Mulwaree Council’s Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 13 July 2021 would have a devastating impact on Wakefield Park Raceway’s future operation.
  • No infrastructure investment will take place until there is a workable new development consent that provides certainty for the future.

At its extraordinary meeting on 13 July 2021, Goulburn Mulwaree Council voted to approve the development application (DA) Wakefield Park lodged in September 2020, but with conditions that drastically reduce the number of events which Wakefield Park Raceway is able to operate. The DA included improvements to existing facilities and the addition of new facilities to attract a wider audience and broaden Wakefield Park Raceway’s offering to the community.

A number of the 90 conditions approved by Council are unworkable and would have a devastating impact on the Raceway’s ability to operate into the future. Not only would they severely constrain the events that can be provided to the community, they would also impose significant additional regulatory costs. These conditions are much more onerous than measures previously agreed with Council in January 2020.

No infrastructure investment will take place until a workable new development consent is approved.

We had already commenced a deemed refusal appeal in the Land and Environment Court of NSW before Tuesday night’s Extraordinary Council Meeting. We will proceed with that appeal.

For all enquiries, contact:

Dean Chapman
Operations Manager, Wakefield Park Raceway
P: 02 4822 2811
E: dean@wakefieldpark.com.au

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