Wakefield Park Shines Light On Club Level Racing

Since the circuit opened in 1993, Wakefield Park has played a role in facilitating and encouraging club level motorsport at its venue.

The venue sees Club Level Racing as an essential and valuable asset to its current and future plans for the raceway.

Operations Manager Dean Chapman explained the importance of this level of motorsport and what it meant for him to have Wakefield Park a part of that. “Club Level Racing has been something that is recognised by myself and Wakefield Park as the backbone of raceways like this one. There’s a special kind of excitement that comes with racing at club level from the competitors telling stories about their first races to the kinds of cars they have been involved with over the years,” said Dean

Another backbone Dean spoke about was that of the Motorsport Officials that attend Wakefield Park across the year. “At Wakefield Park, we have a fantastic group of Motorsport Officials who have become like family to myself and the team. Our Officials volunteer their time to help run events and give up weekends with their own family to be here. It’s these kinds of people who make a massive difference to our sport and should be held in such high regard for everything they do, as we are truly grateful for each and every one of them.” said Dean.

You only have to look back on Wakefield Parks’s rich 26-year history in motorsport to understand the importance of all these aspects and what it means to the broader community to come and enjoy life for a moment within a sport they truly love.

Places like Wakefield Park have a lot to love about them, but the people are the ones who truly make it what it is. The club level motorsport enthusiasts and their officials are a big part of that landscape and will be moving into the future.

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