Wakefield Park Track Days – Testing the Limits Safely

Wakefield Park has always been a popular venue for drivers to explore the limits of their street cars in a safe and controlled environment or test and tune their race cars in preparation for upcoming events, and Wakefield Park Track Days continue to be well attended by motoring enthusiasts.

Wakefield Park’s publicly accessible days have gone by various names over the years, including Speed off the Streets and Test and Tune, but in the interests of minimising confusion, they are now simply described as “Wakefield Park Track Days.”

Some of the most common enquiries received by the Wakefield Park office relate to requirements for Track Days, so we’ve put together the following “cheat points” to make the process of booking and attending a track day as easy as possible:

• A valid track licence is part of your insurance cover and is extremely easy to get – all you need to do is fill out an online form, which you can do via the AASA website.
• Ensure your clothing meets the requirements. You need to wear wrist-to-neck-to-ankle clothing (e.g. a long-sleeve shirt, long pants and enclosed shoes) and a helmet that meets Australian Standard 1698 or higher.
• Book online and save! Pre-booking through www.wakefieldpark.com.au/wakefield-park-track-days prior to attending a Track Day will save you $45.00 and also make the sign-on process faster.
• Track Day participants are placed into similar speed groups. You will be on track with cars and drivers of your level and as you become faster, you can be moved into a different group.
• For those wishing to improve their driving skills, driver training is available (at additional cost) through one of our recommended providers. Some of these providers also offer race cars for hire.
• 98-octane fuel is available for purchase on-site.
• Carports are free for all Track Day participants, with enclosed garages available for hire.
• The minimum age for drivers at Wakefield Park Track Days is 14.
• Cars participating at Wakefield Park Track Days must adhere to a strictly-enforced noise limit of 95dB at 30 metres. Any vehicle exceeding this limit will be removed from the circuit, with the driver given one opportunity to make a mechanical rectification and re-enter the track.
• If you think a Wakefield Park Track Day is something a friend or family member would enjoy, gift vouchers are available – contact us on (02) 4822 2811.

Wakefield Park manager Dean Chapman said Wakefield Park has characteristics that make it suitable for a wide variety of participants at Track Days.

“We attract a lot of owners of road cars who want to see how fast they can go in a safe environment, rather than on public roads where they’re putting themselves and others at risk,” Mr Chapman said.

“Because the circuit has a relatively low speed and generous run-off areas, it makes it suitable for less-experienced drivers to explore their limits without a high risk of personal injury or vehicle damage. This also makes it a good environment for people who are learning to drive a race car for the first time.

“Also, it has a mixture of corners so it’s good for understanding race car setup and assessing how different adjustments will change the car’s handling or behaviour in high and low-speed corners.”

Wakefield Park track days are held regularly, with dates, prices and booking options all available on www.wakefieldpark.com.au

For more information about Wakefield Park Track Days, give the crew a call on (02) 4822 2811.

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